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Veggie Juice Fast…

What a juice cleanse entails – an amount of vegetables that you could never imagine consuming in one day! However, once juiced, this pile turns into a gold, frothy, life-giving drink…

Always start with a Crapple (Carrot&Apple) base, especially if you’re not used to Veggie Juices. Then you can add a bit of Beetroot, a stalk Celery,  1/4 Cucumber, bunch of Parsely, chunk of Red Pepper, half a peeled Lemon, a piece of Ginger, and some chopped Pineapple if you like it a bit sweet. A few branches of Broccoli are always good too…And a handful of Spinach & Sprouts! Make sure to juice the more leafy veg (Parsley, Spinach) with the juicer ones (like carrot & cucumber), otherwise they won’t juice properly.

And Voila ~ Liquid Sunshine for your Soul! Great for a good Detox of the Liver & Bowels…

*Remember to drink slowly, and swirl juice in your mouth before swallowing to prevent a rise in Blood Sugar Levels


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