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The Master Cleanse…

The Master Cleanse is a program I like to follow once or twice a year – it’s definitely a personal thing, and not everyone agrees with the methods used. Since I first tried the Master Cleanse 2 years ago, I’ve had many friends asking me to share the details with them so I’ve decided to put them down here for anyone that may be curious. Created by Stanley Burroughs, it is basically a Juice Fast of a minimum of 10 days which is said to clear your kidneys & digestive system, eliminate toxins in the body, balance your PH and get rid of Parasites & stomach ulcers. It also obviously helps you lose unwanted weight, but often this can come back very fast if you go back to your old eating habits right away. You would think that after a few days of no food you would have no energy and feel awful, but actually on the Master Cleanse you end up having more energy most days! You might have a few days where you will get headaches and feel unwell, but this is usually in the beginning and is a sign that your body is releasing toxins. As I write this, I am on my 9th Day of the Cleanse, and I’m feeling great – this will be my 4th completed Master Cleanse. The reason I like to do this every now and then is to give my body a chance to give itself a spring clean – by not having to waste energy on digesting food, energy is freed up in your body to use on other tasks, like eliminating stored toxins and purifying cells. There is a certain willpower needed, however, for 10 days of strict non-eating: you need to prepare yourself, and plan ahead so that it’s at a convenient time (not when you have a full social calendar, for instance). For 10 days you will need to dedicate time to yourself by doing light exercise, tackling tasks in the house that you’ve been avoiding (cleaning out cupboards, organizing wardrobes, etc.), reading, going for massages & facials, and enjoying activities with friends & family that don’t involve eating or drinking (this can be hard! Movies are a good choice, as well as hiking or going to the beach). I also find that I benefit from doing Yoga and Meditation when I’m cleansing – anything to help de-stress my body and get rid of toxins faster. I like to do the cleanse over a week that I’m busy with work, as I can just make a large bottle of the Lemonade to take with me and I’m distracted all day. I wouldn’t recommend starting the Cleanse on a workday though – the first day you will need to be able to rush to a toilet at any given time, but eventually you will get into a routine and from Day 2 or 3 it will be easier to plan.

The Master Cleanse:

– The night before you start, have a cup of Senna tea (laxative) before you go to bed. This will be repeated every night while on the cleanse.

– On the first morning you need to have a Salt Water flush when you wake up. Salt Water Flush:  2 tsp. non-iodized Sea Salt, mixed with 1 Quart (1 Litre) of warm water. Take your time and drink this over a period of 10 mins. or so, it’s not easy but just imagine you are drinking soup. This will take roughly an hour to go through your whole system, and then you will be urgently running to the toilet. It is painless, but difficult to control. It is recommended to do this every morning while you are on the cleanse, however, you may have another Senna tea in the morning instead, as long as you do the Salt Water Flush atleast 3-4 times during the 10 days. Personally, I find the Senna tea gives me terrible cramps, but it takes about 6-8 hours to work so you can plan it into your day easier…Sometimes I have the Salt water flush in the evening instead, if I’m short on time in the morning.

– The rest of the day you will be drinking 6 – 12 Lemonades, depending on how hungry you get or how much energy you need. The recipe for the Lemonade is as follows:

2 Tblsp. Lemon or Lime juice

2 Tblsp. Maple Syrup (Grade B)

pinch of Cayenne Pepper

8 oz. cold or warm Water (spring or purified is best)

If you can get hold of fresh Sugar Cane Juice (easier to find in Asia), then this can replace the Maple Syrup & Water – this is the first time I’ve tried the alternative combo and I definitely like it better than the Maple Syrup. I also find that I had a lot more energy and I didn’t loose as much weight as fast. If you find the Maple Syrup too sweet you can reduce it by 1 Tblsp., just remember to drink more lemonades as you will be cutting out calories that your body needs for energy.

The formula is very specific:

The Lemon Juice neutralizes acids in the body, oxygenates tissues and blood, and is loosening & cleansing.

The Cayenne Pepper is also alkalizing, helps to break up & loosen mucus and waste, builds blood, and increases body temperature.

The Maple Syrup is a balanced sugar and contains many minerals and vitamins. Your body will need it for energy so that you are not starving it.

The Laxative Tea and Salt Water Flush help to flush out the toxins and waste that are being freed up in the colon.

Caffeine-free Herbal Teas (like Mint tea) can be had on occasion for a change of flavour.

– After the Cleanse, Day 11 & Day 12: You need to break the Cleanse slowly by consuming fresh Orange Juice, and eating Orange segments, if hungry. This will help prepare your stomach for digestion again. If you cannot tolerate Oranges, then Papaya or Pineapple in small amounts are also allowed. Take it easy and chew everything well. Day 13 I usually have fruit and a raw Salad, and then slowly incorporate cooked Vegetables and Grains in the days to follow. Eat slowly and carefully, and listen to your body.

Go ahead & give your body a chance to revive!

Good Luck 🙂


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After a long break from Peanut Butter, all of a sudden I have found myself craving it like crazy in just about any form – but this has been my favourite…I can honestly say that I’ve had this smoothie almost every day for the last few weeks, I’m hooked! For the liquid I use Coconut Water, which has some amazing benefits – it’s hydrating, full of electrolytes & has even been used in blood transfusions due it being identical to blood plasma! I realise that most of you are not living in Asia, and therefore probably don’t have access to an abundance of (cheap) Coconuts, so in that case you can easily swap it for a Milk of your choice. If you do use a Coconut scrape out the meat from inside, using a spoonful of it for your Smoothie, and keep the rest in a tupperware for your next one. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s very important to use frozen Fruit in Smoothies if you want the right texture – so the next time you have some spotty-brown Bananas lying around, just peel them, wrap them up and pop them in the freezer for this yummy Breakfast (or Snack…)!

Ingredients: (about 2 servings)

Water from 1 young Thai Coconut OR about 500ml of  a Milk of your choice (eg: Soy Milk/Almond Milk/Rice Milk)

1 and 1/2 medium Bananas, frozen & chopped

2 Tblsp. Peanut Butter (Use unsalted with no Sugar added if you can…Crunchy or Smooth, up to you)

1 Tblsp. Flax Meal or Chia Seeds

1 Tblsp. Brown Rice Protein Powder (optional)

For some Chocolate goodness: 1 Tblsp. Cocoa/Carob/Cocao Coconut Butter (Yummm…)



You know what to do for this one: Pop it all in your blender and turn it into smooth, creamy, nutty Heaven…!

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Veggie Juice Fast…

What a juice cleanse entails – an amount of vegetables that you could never imagine consuming in one day! However, once juiced, this pile turns into a gold, frothy, life-giving drink…

Always start with a Crapple (Carrot&Apple) base, especially if you’re not used to Veggie Juices. Then you can add a bit of Beetroot, a stalk Celery,  1/4 Cucumber, bunch of Parsely, chunk of Red Pepper, half a peeled Lemon, a piece of Ginger, and some chopped Pineapple if you like it a bit sweet. A few branches of Broccoli are always good too…And a handful of Spinach & Sprouts! Make sure to juice the more leafy veg (Parsley, Spinach) with the juicer ones (like carrot & cucumber), otherwise they won’t juice properly.

And Voila ~ Liquid Sunshine for your Soul! Great for a good Detox of the Liver & Bowels…

*Remember to drink slowly, and swirl juice in your mouth before swallowing to prevent a rise in Blood Sugar Levels

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